Solvent or solvent less lamination is the bonding of two or more films using adhesives. The advantages of laminated films are:


Trapped Print: Printing done between 2 layers of film thus eliminating possibilities of   smearing the print with contaminants.

Clarity and sheen: Laminated materials are for the most part shinier and clearer than most   films. Recently however, because of the technological advances, co-extruded materials are becoming   very competitive in clarity.

Combinations: Laminations allow for certain combination of films that would otherwise not   be extrudable such as bi-oriented nylon, polyester or polypropylene.

Up to 8 colors are available with process and line printing.

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Ranging in films from Nylon/Polyethylene to Polyester plain or printed and ranging in gauges, Tradepak has costumers in a variety of industries such as meats, dairy, poultry, nuts and medical. Over 32 standard sizes are constantly in inventory for quick and efficient shipping.
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Technical Repairs:

Technical service is a necessity in an industry where machines are a daily use. Whether the problem is electrical or mechanical, Tradepak has the solution.


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With over 35 years of experience within the plastic industry, Tradepak has the knowledge and ability to help customers implement new methods of packaging ranging from films to machinery.

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