Tradepak will provide the customer of the poultry sector with a wide variety of packaging solutions specifically aimed at the particularities of this sector as well as various process and presentation. In order to offer the final retail customer a product with the maximum conditions of freshness, safety and hygiene, improving its presentation and commercial impact.


Tradepak’s commitment to the meat sector has been a constant since its foundation, offering innovative products and solutions under the highest standards of quality and technical efficiency, characterized by a portfolio that satisfies any technical, productive and packaging needs of this sector, without forgetting the mandatory marketing and positioning component through elaborate and attractive presentations.


We apply our solutions to fresh and frozen products from the fishing sector, to guarantee total asepsis and freshness to the end customer, achieving the greatest image impact through personalized presentations with high quality printing.


Fruits and vegetables are products that preserve activity beyond their collection. In order to keep its freshness until it is available to the customer. If necessary specific packaging solutions such as permeable structures and other standard ones, which are combined with Tradepak's presentation of added value, providing a greater image and better positioning commercial for your products.


The particular characteristics of each variety of cheese oblige to provide individualized solutions accordingly as well as to generate maximum commercial impact through presentations that capture the attention of the final customer. Tradepak will offer the technical variety of packaging and the quality of printing necessary to present your product with the highest technical standard and image.